Mixing Tier Sets?

The gear optmnizer seems to be showing me that I can get the 2 pc t19 bonus by equipping one t20 piece with a t19 piece… how can this be true?

No, that wouldn’t work. Post up the example and we’ll take a look. I’ve never seen that happen before.

Here is an image from my BiB STILL showing this. The irony is that I also just got a second T20 (LFR) piece… and it isn’t showing that.

latest import string:

51;US;Durotan;Brightbrown;Novare Res;5;1;110;13:792,15:800,11:800,3:800,14:800,12:800;3;.s1;13;0000000;;;;.s2;14;1132121;748,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,577,32;1,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,12;141261b1517b3337b3473,140812b1467b1813b3443,146927;.s3;15;2233122;783,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,498,77,164,1,1,1,101;1,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,4,1,1,9,1;147757b1467b3336b3573,147077b1482b3528b3561,142515b1502b3337b3467;.q1;128820s16b730x141261y-449z6115;3590s12b1081b1719x-16707e5428;1s10b-1719b1644;1548s17;4356s7b-1983b2042b14;50s15b-2041b2029b12e8;967s2b-2041b318b3x28e454;1516s5b-331b1859b107;1s6b-1961b1962b84;5s8b-2041b1849b108;57s3b-1947b1840b177e-448;571s13b-2042b1994;54s14b-1974b316b1529b129x-28;6195s1b-1984b2046b44;4s9b-2085b1849b236;31s11b-2090b2046b44e-14;.q2;128820s16b730x141261y-449z6115;3590s12b1081b1719x-16707e5428;1s10b-1719b1644;1548s17;4356s7b-1983b2042b14;50s15b-2041b2029b12e8;967s2b-2041b318b3x28e454;1516s5b-331b1859b107;1s6b-1961b1962b84;5s8b-2041b1849b108;57s3b-1947b1840b177e-448;571s13b-2042b1994;54s14b-1974b316b1529b129x-28;6195s1b-1984b2046b44;4s9b-2085b1849b236;31s11b-2090b2046b44e-14;.q3;128862s16b731x147757y-680z-4562;3548s12b2728b111x-12267e5427;2010s10b-2023b261b1529b78x-29;3895s7b-1943b2042b14;50s15b-2041b2029b12e9;2484s6b-2046b1962b84;5s8b-2041b1849b108;57s3b-1947b1840b177e6;625s14b-2022b316b1529b129x1;2723s13b-7b70b41;3472s1b-2088b2046b44;2s5b-2090b2046b44;2s9b-2085b1849b236;30s2b-2090b2046b44e448;1s11b-2090b2046b44e-463;.r;_;.inv;2459;496;416;452;0;0;216;1473;751;394;0;0;0;5;0;173;113;1581;0;1511;7162;0;3195;1;1;10;1;1;3;555;131;113;311;1;16;665;1381;4999;1708;515;857;1381;245;1307;84;2;595;277;0;3020;105;6110;8;310;146;357;100;277;2;358;375;2574;4;12;3;1;3;2;4;1;4;2463;12603;4811;1713;160;58;12;137;344;7470;1409;177;365;691;339f138;3888;170;282;122;19;3;830;0;211;169;0;596;335;414;72;619;67;136;24;1835;0;798;3;725;885;1059;79;65;164u467;2u0;3495u38;1u0;7u0;1u0;2516;569u0x115803e5281;1865;182;4;19;0;30;60;461u-14;13u0;4116;80;0;47;4;0;2;0;11;3;1;11;29;0;415;0;0;692;269;1260;270;0;1171;248;1305u40b137b400b81;1452;5;0;101b-577;43;14;0;13;206;200;3;2;1;0;543;1;93;900;0;185;0;0;598u-2b482b1;2149b988b1824b138;1025;1570;181;0;0;0;2;0;1;0;1;0;1;0;1;1;0;1;0;1;0;1;0;1;0;1;0;1;0;5;0;1;0;1;0;1;0;1;0;3;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;14u2b-1972b297e29;10u0b-1232;5u0b-5b3b2x11957;4u-2b-1;0;8u2b0;6u0b-2b2x0;29u0b-5b5;29u0b-5b5;153u0b-5b5e27;55;0;0;0;1;0;1;0;1;0;1;1;74u0b-524b1445b311;119b-1157b8e-12;5;0;3194;0;1;1;2;2;7;144;53u-2;144;116;0;10;6;33;12;117;20;5;3;310b81x13501y-449z6115;338;126;1;2;1;1;1614;0;1;1;0;812;19;7;1;667b1081b1644;33b-1644b1644;8b-1644b1718b1;3b-71b71;1111;5;0;0;0;0;6;0;0;0;0;11;1;1;1;1;1;0;14;73;0;37;3;220;30b-71b71;7b-1719b1718b1;227b-2927b929b1805b137;187b-1942b1804b80;1951;311;1;107b-1874b282b1513;543b-1810b200b1609;68b-1794b1795b76;739;4;25b-1602b1644;169b-1968b2029b12;3b-2051b1859b178;6b-2022b1844b180;3b-2039b1859b178;562;84;0;0;208;0;16b-2022b313b1531e557;45b-1829b298b1532e-455;3b-1840b308b1531;20b-1849b318b1723;62b-2036b313b3b1528;2b-1839b308b3b1528x-16679;478;1;6;5;1;29;1;1;1;54;138;5b-1799b287b1513;149;22;357;1;1;8;1;5;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;205b-1870b346b1630;6b-1971b2042b14;2b-2056b336b5b1701;1b-2037b1860b183;3b-2048b2042b14;0b-2056b341b1701;5b-2037b2038b13;3b-2061b1870b109;36b-1969b1859b107;4b-1966b1859b178;3b-2027b2029b12;32b-2051b1859b178;1b-2017b1840b107;6b-1962b1962b84;1b-2056b336b5b1701;1b-2022b1844b180e0;2b-2034b1962b84;1b-2036b316b1528b180;7b-3475b1441b1854b178;0b-2042b336b5b1701;4b-2042b2042b14;4b-2051b336b1702;85;1;13;2;246b-1993b1872b134;63;27;95;36b-2056b1994;123;47;465;218;0;1;0;70;101b-2859b890b311b1699b21;37;1117;40b-2006b302b1512;151;408b-1525b1719;141b-2058b336b1528b107x-29e9;69b-1896b1790b78;5b-3375b1497b1799b76;5b-1875b1799b76;2287b-1875b287b1513;0b-1780b1780b57;9b-1862b1804b58;91b-1862b293b1512;15b-1785b1785b57e6;40;62b-1922b1864b228;0b-2062b1834b226;1b-2055b1830b224;7b-2094b2061b36;154b-2097b2061b36;1b-2082b326b1720b33;129b-2958b1059b1675b237;0b-2969b1057b1675b237;79;65;64;75;9;139;57b-2087b1849b236;104;3555;0;219b-1761b1719;168b-71b111

I need the gearing strategy you used in order to look at this.

That screenshot looks like a really old screenshot, not from the current live website.

It could be from the live site, but it looks to be an old gearing strategy, made before the 7.2.5 updates that we did.

Oh, well, in that case, make a new gearing strategy! The tier 20 set bonuses won’t be valued correctly in that old gearing strategy.

Screenshot was made about 30 seconds before I posted it. Went to the link for “view/edit strategy” thinking this is what you meant by gearing strategy, but once there I’m not sure how to use it, no directions, seems all I can do is choose the recommended “machine learning” and save what sure looks wrong. Care to point me to anything that might explain what to do because I can not actually edit anything on that screen.

You would just delete that gearing strategy and simulate a new one.

If you search for “custom strategy” on this forum, there are a few posts and tutorials as well, e.g.

Ahhhh… the missing piece for me was the Sim Type… somehow I never associated a simulation of what a gear set CAN do with a strategy for gearing, just this gear set can do this dps (under ideal circumstances, while I sure try like hell, reality doth intrudeth).

Well, this tears it… tried to do the gearing simulation, set it up, hit start, BOOM says it won’t run because it will takes a long time, points me to a link to get en exe (which, d/oh, doesn’t run on macos) AND it SAYS it there is HELP for macos users, but that link lead to an error, does not exist page.


did a search, found at least SOMETHING… looks like some had issues with it, will give it a shot…

The client is cross-platform, runs on windows, mac, and linux. You may require a few prerequisites to get it running on Mac though, which are detailed in a post on this forum that it seems like you found.

Gearing strategies require a lot of data to rank gear well – it would be prohibitively expensive to run all of that data for you on our servers, which is why we offer a client program so that you can leverage your own CPU power.

I’ll update the link on the client page… looks like we didn’t change it when we upgraded the forum.

edit: I updated the forum post as well to consolidate some of the information into the main post, might help out a bit.

NOW I’m getting somewhere. Honestly, did NOT cotton to the nonsense of installing all the m$ stuff on my Mac side (funny, never had an issue operating on the command line, but these days, meh), so I ran the thing in my win10 partition. Don’t think it took long at all, I DO have a 3.4GHz 6 core Xeon CPU. Sim numbers are just way higher than I cojld ever hope for even if I was 40 years younger.

No matter what, I’m sticking to the GS build, I just have more fun playing that while not hugely negatively impacting my raid group. BiB does seem to reflect the current forum meme of “mastery is for shizz now.” Can I assume that getting into the weeds with custom stats to make the system know I’m running GS isn’t that necessary? There was previously some talk about it favoring those running the TV build (oh, I’ve tried it more than once, wasn’t good at it and did not like the playstyle at all).

For the record, the client program nor any of its prerequisites involve installing any Microsoft-based software. Homebrew is a Mac-only tool. OpenSSL is an open source project used on many platforms. Our client is a self-contained package that does not install anything on your machine, it just runs directly from the folder you extract.

I’m not an expert on frost mages personally, but I have been looking at some data recently as I am doing a test of our new system using frost mage data. For pretty much all builds, I’m seeing the same desired basic stats: a balance of crit and haste (where the tipping point can shift a tad depending on many factors), a tad of versatility, not much mastery.

Ha, maybe its just old prejudices… but I go back to the day m$ blackmailed apple into burying what modern day IDEs have evolved into… MacBasic. It was a visual tool at the time when the ONLY way to program anything was stricly from a command line. Something tells me way before your time!

JUST when Frost was showing some promise, they HAD to nerf it… something about any damage multipliers no longer applying to icicles, so less mastery needed. Seems common wisdom among Frost Mages was the subsequent 50% damage buff to Spike did not actually compensate enough.

Last question back on topic… correct to assume no need to sim a new gearing strat until a new tier happens in 7.3?

Probably not – or unless they patch some significant change to the spec or gear.

We also have some brand new frost mage gearing strategies going up sometime this week, that use our new, more thorough ranking method – you can check those out and see how well they work for you. There will be an announcement, you won’t be able to miss it.

Funny, I got my 2 pc T20 Sunday night and wanted to equip, so ran the BiB, then simmed it, the changes seemed odd because I lost INT and Haste, AMD Mastery (large), but gained a lot of Versatility (plus it ewas again saying to equip that 860 Arcanocrystal trinket). Sim difference was large, so I went with it. It was almost like you had alrady implemented new strats, or did I somehow manage to miss seeing it?

The new frost mage strategy is on the site right now. It is the AMR - Single Target and AMR - Multi Target one.

The original intent of this thread was dealt with long ago, so what we are talking about has zip to do with it, so I was going to start a new thread specifically on Gearing Strats, BUT I’ve been trying for 15 minutes to get some sims done and it ain’t happening, so maybe another time.