Modifying stat weights

Hello. I was wondering if it is possible to modify your gearing strategy by editing which stats you wish to go for or have a preference for. For instance, I do a lot of solo/world pvp as a rogue and find stacking leech with single target damage has a bigger impact on my gameplay than going for a standard pve setup. Basically, I am looking to strike a balance between damage and defensives.

I love AMR but I also love tinkering with stats and setups, so finding a way to do this would be beneficial beyond world pvp for me personally as I do similar tinkering with tank builds and healing builds for both pve and pvp. Thanks in advance.

We don’t have anything to modify “stat weight” directly because we don’t use stat weights to rank gear.

If you use the “customize” option on the Best in Bag feature you can tell the optimizer to prefer a certain secondary stat and/or azerite trait. We plan to make that feature allow even more types of customization in the future.

If you want to prefer leech, I think your best course would be locking in the items you have with Leech on them and then the optimizer can work around those.

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Hello thanks I will use this