Monk issue - displays brewmaster instead of primary spec

On most of my characters, the site displays my gear, stat weights, etc for the primary spec. For example, on my demon hunter I have Vengeance as my primary spec, so my vengeance stat weights are displayed at top and when doing best in bags it shows the gear for my vengeance spec.

On my Monk(Keminarra - Kilrogg) though, I have Misweaver as my primary spec yet it always shows Brewmaster stat weights, and brewmaster gear. I even tried moviung brewmaser from bottom to middle and it still does the same. I have been overlooking this for awhile since it seemed to be applying the correct stat weights for my Mistweaver sets anyways, however now I have a trinket that is better for for my heal spec than what is recommended, but I can’t lock any slots for my heal set because I can only see my brewmaster set which I never use.

Click on your character name at the top-left of the web page. This opens a window with options for choosing a different character, but also for changing your spec. If you choose mistweaver spec right under your name, then it should load all your mistweaver gear and settings.

Looks like that did it. Thanks. :slight_smile: