More Questionable Results (Windwalker this time)

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Just went to check on my setup for DPSing keys and AMR is telling me to use the Coordinated Offensive conduit. That is strictly single target so I don’t know what it’s doing in there. I think Inner Fury is the obvious choice for multi-target damage but AMR says it’s a -1.86% change in damage. I’m really suspicious of this. Along with all the problems I’m having with my brewmaster setup, I’m starting to wonder if I’ve done something seriously wrong with my setup.


Actually, it is a good choice.
The point in multi target is to spread Cyclone Strikes for one or two spells max and then use fixate to get the buff from Coordinated Offensive Conduit. Followed this by Spinning Crane Kick
It’s not explicitly use like this in the rotation but it’s how you can get value from it.

I think I did a recent update to make coordinated offensive work better in the mythic+ script, so you’re probably seeing that now in the suggestions. It is better than I previously thought, even in AoE.