More setups please?

With the upcoming covenant changes I want to have 2 setups for each spec (m+ and raid) but also at least one extra (raid with blood set), preferably even 1 extra per spec (for the same reason). Maybe even more when covenants are factored in. Could this limit be expanded please?

Adding more setups is always on our list of possible future enhancements, but it would take a lot of work to implement for a feature that is not commonly requested.

It is not as easy as simply raising the cap because we start to hit performance issues. It would also start to get cumbersome from a user standpoint… it is unlikely that you actually want to maintain e.g. 10 setups in a priority order. And setups near the bottom of the list would have very little flexibility anyway as all the setups above it would lock almost everything in place.

So it’s on the list… but it is a big change that would take quite a bit of engineering and design work. We hope to do it one day though.

For me it’s less about the priority and more about just having a set that I can switch to without having to remove and re-add setups in AMR. It’s also good for keeping track of what gear I need to keep and what I can get rid of.

Being an omni-mage in 9.1.5 is going to require a lot of gearsets.