More than 6 setups per character?

I play a druid, enough said :stuck_out_tongue:

More seriously, I love the ability of AMR to manage multiple setups with gearing priority. It’s IMO one of the best features on the website since I regularly play at least 3 specs on my main depending on the situation. I’d really like to be able to manage all of my gearsets through AMR, but right now the limit to 6 (or 5? not sure) setups doesn’t allow me to do this (e.g. DPS ST, DPS M+, healing raid, healing M+, DPS PvP with higher vers rating, and that’s already too many and I can’t create a tank setup).

Is there a latent scaling issue here that would be problematic with 2-3 more setups, or is the current limit mostly arbitrary? Is this something that I could throw more money at potentially as some kind of AMR premium++? :slight_smile:

We get this request from time to time, it’s on the table for a potential future enhancement. The reason for the limitation is performance – the more setups you add, the longer the optimizations take to run.