More trouble with prot pally rotation


I noticed the protection paladin rotation is using word of glory with shining light up or with vanquishers hammer up. The tuf can be improved by removing the shining light cast criteria completely (you only cast wog at 45% regardless of if shining is up) and adding a percent health to the vanq cast (i find my tuf is best at 75%).

I checked it out - it seems that sitting on word of glory until health is lower does offer a bit of a TUF increase.

I wasn’t able to get the TUF to go up with the vanquisher’s hammer change you talked about. There must be something more specific to your setup that is making that result in an increase, so we’d have to explore that more to find the right conditions under which to make that a condition.

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thanks for looknig at it so quickly! i really enjoy optomising my pally rotation. ill see if i can figure out the vanq hammer on my dude and get back to you.