Mr Robot and Pawn

I’ve been using Mr Robot for years now but I’m a little confused as I also use the Pawn addon and the comparison is set by default using Mr Robot stats but they seem to conflict a lot of the time with one saying total different item is better than another am I doing something wrong?

I believe the Pawn string generated by AMR is for a “that second in history” comparison of gear as it drops… where AMR itself, is intended for longer term gear strategising.

I may be wrong, but from explanations I’ve seen, that is my take on the two… @yellowfive &/or @Swol would be able to answer in more detail.

We generate a set of default stat weights for each spec… but it can’t take into account all the variables that the optimizer can. In our opinion, stat weights are only useful for non-critical scenarios where optimizing isn’t really necessary, such as while leveling up a character. It doesn’t matter a whole lot if you choose a slightly worse item in such cases because you’ll get another in short order.

Once you are in the end-game, don’t use stat weights to choose gear. Use the optimizer.