Mr robot and tsm

I have been trying to figure out why I can’t receive/send mail in-game using trade skill master, so I started to eliminate add-ons to see what the issue was…and the Mr. robot addon causes this. I think it might be they both require access to our bags and conflict there. Any help or ideas? I have not posted on the tsm forums yet and this possibly has been answered somewhere.

Seems like its not Mr Robot I can’t get it to work now at all…disregard.

This has nothing to do with AMR but is in fact a problem with TSM itself - or more specifically, caused by still having old modules installed. Currently TSM includes most if not all of the addon data in the main addon and does not use any additional modules afaik.

I’d recommend completely removing (or renaming / moving the folders, to be safe) all TSM folders and completely reinstalling the addon. Your saved data should be fine as that is saved in a different folder.