Mr. Robot not optimized for Shards / Set Bonus yet?

So id did some tests with my Demonology Warlock a couple minutes ago cause i was courius that Mr. Robot only equipt 2 shards when i was doing BiS. So i manually gave me 5 Shards with the Unholy Set Bonus and it turns out that this way i had 250 dps more? Whats causing that? Is Mr. Robot not yet optimized for using the Shards correctly?

If you post a snapshot, we can try your case and see what’s up. All of the shards and bonuses are implemented and ranked in the optimizer and simulator.

Instructions on how to create a snapshot:

Snapshot: ff7dd8226209470b90ca4747c30ede37

I noticed that when i set the gear options on Sanktum HC gear and set the Shards on maxium, Mr. Robot will set up 5 shards, but he wont try to get the unholy set bonus with a third unholy shard

I think that I see what’s going on – I have another update to post based on some changes that were made tuesday. I had to re-rank all the shards for pet specs (demonology, unholy, beast mastery in particular) because blizzard finally changed them to actually increase pet damage (they previously did not for all of PTR and even when 9.1 went live).

I have a couple other tweaks that I’ll post today as well, and it should clear this up.

Note: my guess is that blizzard is still working on the frost shard set bonus… that was not working well with pets on PTR either.

Nice, looking forward to it. Thanks for the good work on Mr. Robot, keep it going :slight_smile:

We just updated the site – give it another try, should be better now.