Mr Robot not working for < 120 char

Out of curiosity I wanted to see what my hunter’s bis gear looks like but it doesn’t work =

It does show the DPS increase but not the gear?

Think this is a bug.

Otherwise great site!

Generally speaking, AMR is only intended for max level characters as everything before that doesn’t really matter and you’d just want to use your highest item level gear anyway.
For that reason AMR does recognize lower level gear but will not consider every item when optimizing for BiS - as that would require a ridiculously large amount of overall irrelevant data.

I’d guess the dps increase shown would be caused by the three enchantments AMR recommends getting, although the value is obviously not really realistic as AMR just doesn’t have the required data for that situation.

I totally get your curiosity for checking out BiS gear for lower levels as I have spent quite a few hours tinkering with that myself but it’s just not feasible to constantly update data for “irrelevant” character levels and content…

Cool thanks for the reply, guess i have some leveling up to do

The site should work for any character – it will pick gear and gems and enchants, and obey things like item level restrictions. That said, we don’t have things like trinkets for lower-level characters ranked, and our scoring and DPS estimates are designed around max-level players, so it won’t be a perfect optimization the further you are from max level.

In general, I’d say once you reach level 110 you should get some decent recommendations. We did design the optimizer to work reasonably well as people leveled up when this expansion was released.