Mr. Robot seems to not know about my weapons

I can’t lock my weapons to the ones on the left as they aren’t listed in the lock list at all, and I don’t personally think Mr. Robot should really ever recommend artifact weapons at this point as it’s impossible to delete them, so I can’t get them out of the recommendation.

Since both those Axes are Str. items, they’re not ideally suited to Demon Hunters - AMR probably sees this and is preventing you from doing so.


But I should still be able to lock it to them, yes? They don’t show up anywhere but Mr. Robot is happy with them on my Havoc side.

I have to admit that I don’t know whether the coding is set to only allow for ‘correct proficiency’ items only to be locked in; @yellowfive might be better able to confirm that.

I think there’s a filter for inventory gear to hide stuff not relevant to your spec… e.g. if you happened to get a Cloth BoE item in your bag, it wouldn’t show it for a plate class. This same code does a check on gear that is missing your primary stat. I can look into relaxing that filter a bit for weapons on low-level characters…

I’m getting a similar issue actually. And it has nothing to do with weapons. I just got 370 mythic +5 titanforged gloves that the AskMrRobot site can’t seem to see.

Some mythic+ items aren’t showing in the lists, sorry about that. We’ll have a fix soon.