Mr. Robot suggest Final Verdict instead of Bulwark of Righteous Fury as Protection Paladin

Snapshot: 8e98ac924ecc4dcd90329331c1181f6a

If i use best in bags, while on prot spec, mr. robot suggest that i equip my final verdict instead of bulwark of righteous fury. Why ?

We would need a snaphot to look at your case in detail, instructions on how to do that here:

Snapshot: 8e98ac924ecc4dcd90329331c1181f6a

If you want Prot as your primary spec., it needs to be at the top of this list:


If the spec. list IS how you want it, then you’ll need to lock in the legendary of choice & re-optimise for it.

The order of your specs doesn’t actually matter for this particular case. You are using an all-defense strategy, and Bulwark of Righteous Fury is an offensive legendary. You would need to move the toughness slider closer to DPS for it to pick that legendary. For all toughness, it’s choosing a combination of gear that has better overall stats for pure toughness, mainly a higher ilvl item in the larger chest slot (more total armor/stamina), and more total mastery.

Yeah, that helped. Thanks alot for the fast response!
I never recogniced that slider :slight_smile: