Mr Robot suggesting multiple 120 Agility gems

Haven’t seen this before.

I got the same issue with 120 intel (Elemental Shaman)

Could one of you click on the “help” link next to the big Best in Bags section header, than press the Create Support Post button. This will generate a snapshot ID that you can copy and paste here. With that, I can exactly reproduce your case and get it fixed. If you could make sure that your character is set up in such a way that it is still recommending the 2 120 gems before you create the snapshot, that would be great!

I posted an update that may or may not fix this – if it doesn’t, I will need a specific example to make some progress.

Doesn’t work ! =D

At work for now, but will share my string + help link (will see if i reupload the string if it solv it self)

For me it is working correctly now. Thanks for the fix.

Working for me here (after work) on Edge and Chrome so no worry =D

Good to hear! Have I ever mentioned how much I hate those jewelcrafter gems? It seems like such a simple thing… yet it causes so many headaches for optimization.

As an aside: I honestly think Blizzard should just ditch them. The gain from using a JC gem over a regular gem is minimal, and you can only use one. And by the time we reach 460+ gear the JC gems will almost always be worse than secondary stat gems for every spec… but many people will still expect them to be better… turning them into a “trap” choice for most casual players – you’ll both waste gold and perform slightly worse, while thinking the opposite.

That is… unless you have a cool optimizer to help you out!

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problem is back for me.

Thanks for the example – this will be fixed in the next update (probably Monday night or Tuesday sometime).