Multi subspecs (no update since 7.2.5)

I’m using AMR since a long time and now with the content of WOW I found that an option is missing…

Is it possible to add multiple subspecs for gear optimizer (addon and website)? (tank raid - tank MM+, dps ST - dps multi, …)

Thanks for taking the time to read me ^^



It is on our list of features that we really want to add to the addon/website in a future update. I don’t have an ETA on it unfortunately, as it would require a significant UI update to make it look and feel good for users. But I am determined to add it at some point!


Thanks for the fast answer and the hard work !

I second this!, I would love to have this in the addon and website, I have to use a different addon to save my talent / gear set ups

I’m really looking forward to such a feature. While you still have not near max iLvl gear it’s not so significant, as you regularly get items that fit in almost any subspec, but the more you get near max iLvl, the more you have to check whether a specific item is helpful for ST/Raid or MT/M+. Especially when you play a druid with at least two active specs (I’m playing 3).

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Is there any news on this topic? With raidbots implementation of a ‘true’ BiB feature based on simulations (and open source engine, etc.), I will probably not resub to AMR if this long awaited feature is not available

With the BfA version of the site, we plan to allow multiple sets of gear to be saved per spec. It requires significant UI updates, which is why we are doing it with the BfA redesign.

Also note that using a simulator to simulate a list of gear combinations, and Best in Bags are not the same thing! We will have some blog posts coming up soon that describe the differences, but here’s the short version:

There are usually several million relevant combinations of gear in your bags. Simulating all of those would be expensive, and take a very long time. So when you do a simulation-based approach, you use your best judgment to pick a small subset of those combinations, usually just a few hundred if you don’t want it to take too long. But… how do you know that one of the other millions of combinations that you didn’t try is better? You don’t really – the result of your simulation is only as accurate as your personal ability to guess which subset to examine.

Best in Bags is an algorithm that will search all possible combinations, and do it extremely quickly. Just like with your simulations, it cannot guarantee a perfect answer, but it has a high probability of finding a better answer than most people would get via setting up a simulation. And it does it in just a few seconds, with no significant setup required.

Also note that if you really do like the simulation approach, the AMR simulator can also do batches of simulations and show you the best performing result of the setups that you told it to simulate. We have a significant UI update for the simulator with BfA that will make it much easier to use. While we don’t recommend using simulation over BiB (mainly because it is so time consuming, and why do all those simulations when BiB is based on millions of simulations that we already did for you?), we know that some people just like it. And that’s totally fine – which is why we offer our simulation client that is integrated with our website, so that you can use the website to run as many simulations as you want for free.

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I think you are mistaken about BiB superiority, check out raidbots SmartSim feature ( (and also open source engine :slight_smile: )

To be perfectly clear, does it mean that the BiB feature will be able to compute optimal gear for single target and then multi target, the same way it does now for two different DPS specs?

Yes – you will be able to save any number of named gear sets per spec.

That’s just a faster way to do a batch of simulations and hone in on a result… still not the same thing as Best in Bags, which relies on a statistical model generated from pre-run simulations.

There’s nothing wrong with using that approach to optimize your gear… you certainly can if you wish. The main problem for me as a WoW player is this: it can take hours, or at best if you don’t have that many gear options, several minutes to get an answer with that approach. (And it takes a huge amount of CPU resources that someone is going to try to get you to pay like $50/yr or more to use if you do it regularly.) And… the answer that you get is almost always the same as what Best in Bags would have produced in a couple of seconds. To me as a player… all that work and waiting for an answer that isn’t any different… just isn’t worth it.

Also, our gear rankings are based entirely on the AMR simulator, which is by far the most transparent simulator available. All of the spell mechanics, formulas, rotations, boss scripts, etc. are openly available and editable. While what you linked is technically based on an open source engine… good luck trying to figure out how it works :wink: In contrast, we have gone the extra mile to make our tools as transparent as possible. Transparency is how you truly improve reliability.


As the new site is up and running, I have tried to use the feature discussed above.

However, I cannot for the life of me add a second ‘Elemental’ spec to Best in Bags, using a different strategy, I am stuck with a single occurence of each spec.

Could you please explain how to use sub-specs in Best In Bags?


It will be added when they get a chance, currently they’re chasing down all the undocumented hot fixes Blizzard keeps putting out.

This feature will be enabled at a later time – focusing on getting all the item data sorted out, keeping up with hotfixes, etc. first.

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Ok, good. For the next couple weeks, Mythic dongeons are the only concern so it is not really important.

I would be great to have this feature when raids open though, to optimize a raid gear and a mythic+ gear.

I’d be happy to beta test if needed

Yeah ideally I can get this before or close to when raids open. It is on my “short list” of desired features to add. I have most of the server/website side ready to go, just need to update the addon and then test the system some more.

So, raids and mythic plus are coming up in the next hours.
I need two sets of gear, from the same pool of stuff, and BiB overlaps, of course.

Are you optimistic on this feature?

With or without the feature, making it live in time, you can still do this but without it it just takes a bit more effort from you.

Optimise for Raid, do an export and press the Active Spec and Equip Gear button.
Now look on your character sheet, in the Equipment Manager section:
There will be a gear set called AMR , rename that to Raid.

Tab back to the web page, re-optimise for M+ and repeat the other steps.

That’s easy enough to do for one spec, it’s when you start doing it for multiple specs and/or talent builds that is becomes onerous.

There are numerous mods which give you an easy way to pick between Equipment Manager gear sets, or you can just open the character sheep and do it from there. I use Broker Equipment but there are many options for it. I use that one as I already use, ChocolateBar, for the various Broker addons I use.

Please give me the credit of knowing how to use the equipment manager.

Like I said in the previous post, there are overlaps.

If I use BiB for single target, I recommends using some chest, with single target traits, and a haste gem.
BiB for multiple target recommends using the same chest with multiple target traits, and a crit gem.

What am I supposed to do? Regem, and respec the azerite whenever I go in MM+ or raid (or even between raid bosses?)
BiB with sub-specs solves this issue, as the trade-off between using a sub-optimal piece of gear with optimal traits, and an optimal piece of gear with sub-optimal azerite traits can easily be solved by the tool, it is what is does for different specs already.

I am aware I could optimize for single-spec, then manually lock azerite, gems and enchants into the configuration picked by BiB, and re-optimize for multi-target, but unfortunately, I do not have this kind of courage.

Last time I assumed someone knew how to use something I discovered they’d never seen the AddOns tab, for configuring options, in the default Blizzard menu. So I went with more info than assumptions. I guess I can’t win either way.

Currently you’ve worked out your choices, manually work around the current limitations or work on your patience skill. :wink:

PS. I doubt the wrong gem will make a noticeable difference in either situation.

I just want to follow up on this…

I have the same problem. Disappointed to be honest. The way it works, wouldn’t take long to implement this. Looking forward for the feature to be added soon.