Multi-Target Gearing Strategy for Uldir Bosses?

Every single boss in Uldir has adds in one form or another, so none of them are strictly single target fights. But most of the fights have very few adds - often one at a time - so it makes sense to use the single target gearing strategy. The clear exception is Zul, which is a massive add fest. I’m curious if people use the multi-target strategy for any other bosses. Zek’voz is a good candidate, with the packs of silithid warriors in phase one.

If memory serves, back in Legion, the drop down box for single vs. multi-target strategy suggested which bosses went with each gearing strategy. I’d love to see that again, to get an idea of what you guys think.



We might be able to do something like that! Also, we do have a script for Taloc in the simulator if you want to test your gear against that fight explicitly. We’re also working on a Zul script too.

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