Multiple Gearing Strategy Sims. Same Spec. Alternating Results

I have a weird issue with AMR where if I’m wearing crit gear/gems/enchants/traits and I run a gearing strategy sim for Beast Mastery, the sim will produce a haste heavy build. If I then change my gear to haste and resim, it’ll produce a crit heavy build. Both produce similar DPS results and I much prefer the crit builds, but AMR shouldn’t be doing this. I’m not sure what to do because it costs me gold to produce both gearing strategies. I also want to go from a crit build to a slightly upgraded crit build. I don’t want AMR to flip flop back and forth between crit and haste. I feel like I should be getting the same results every time and it should be a middle ground between the crit and the haste. Unsurprisingly both stats promote the uptime of Frenzy. The crit build stat weights are also higher overall compared to the haste build stat weights.

75;US;Hyjal;Damarius;Renewed by Fire;1;2;120;49;3:150,11:150;1;.s1;10;1313211;.q1;158075s2b1568b3361b7b878t233;243s11b-4242b3214b224t234e5942;37s5b-3423b3188b11b633b29a287093a-13303a6136a-15964a16t235;1012s7b-3861b3197b226t236;5s9b-3423b3197b18b208t237x154126;27s10b-3438b3211b226t238e-10;4s6b-3417b3192b226t239;58s12b-3438b3214b224t240e10;162s14b-3433b3206b227t241;20s16b-3428b3201b19b208t242x0e23;5869s15b-3488b286b2978b13t243x0;29s8b-3257b3242b15t244;2s1b-3277b3253b11b37b594a10463a14512a-24966a4607a-4616t245;36s13b-3890b3257b14t246;342s3b-3276b3253b11b37b595a14551a10424a-22773a2420a-4622t247@HunterBeastMastery1@Beast Mastery@e\5942\153442\255075\37 CriticalStrike\152877=8,152876=5,152875=20@e\5932\159464\267458\Kul Tiran Herbalism\152875=5@e\5965\159785\268907\Crit\152876=8,152875=20,152877=1
75;US;Hyjal;Damarius;Renewed by Fire;1;2;120;49;3:150,11:150;2;.s2;11;1113232;.q2;158075s2b1568b3361b7b878t233;1278s6b-4232b3201b19b208t205x154129;14s7b-3423b3197b226t236;5s9b-3423b3197b18b208t237x-3;24s8b-3413b3187b226t209;227s14b-3433b3206b227t241;20s16b-3428b3201b19b208t242x0e5965;2899s11b-3438b3214b224t217e-21;2s12b-3438b3214b224t218e0;2987s10b-4970b1482b3264b13t220e-12;9s5b-3277b3253b11b37b593a264198a24755a-22016a13077a-16036t224;39s13b-3889b3257b14t246;241s1b-3276b3253b11b37b594a23729a-9176a-11594a1500a-4459t228;101s3b-3895b3253b11b37b595a14553a10422a-22773a2420a-4622t229;842s15b-3901b3269b16b324t232x3@HunterMarksmanship1@Marksmanship@e\5965\159785\268907\Crit\152876=8,152875=20,152877=1@e\5944\153444\255077\37 Mastery\152877=8,152876=5,152875=20@e\5932\159464\267458\Kul Tiran Herbalism\152875=5@e\5963\159786\268894\Haste\152876=8,152875=20,152877=1

What have you got the gem and enchant threshold set to? if you set it to disabled, it will change to whatever is the best, regardless of what gems and enchants you already have in your gear, whereas if you set it to a non-zero threshold, it will only change your gems and enchants if you will gain more dps than the threshold.

Also, if you want the optimiser to focus more on a specific stat or azerite trait, you can choose them from the alternate setups by clicking on Customize. Their blog post on this feature explains it in more detail.

Edit: Sorry, just reread your post, didn’t realise you were talking about the simulator, thought you were asking about BiB. Although your comment about crit and haste stat weights has me confused, since AMR doesn’t use stat weights, their optimiser is based on results from simulation.

Well the crit build is the gearing strategy that suggest i put crit on everythig and the haste build haste on everyting. the gearing strategy simulations flip flop based on what gear/gems/enchants/traits I have on me when i sim it. i dont think that should be happening. i should be getting either a crit strategy or a haste strategy, not both alternating.

I really need to do another round of tweaking to the custom gearing strategies… or maybe rethink them entirely, just haven’t had time.

Bottom line is this: if you are not using a custom boss script or a custom rotation, you will almost always get better results using our provided gearing strategies instead of a custom strategy.

Whenever you run a custom gearing strategy, the results may change based on what gear you have equipped and what talents you have chosen at the time you run the strategy. They are very specific to the setup that you used to create the strategy – if you change azerite traits or talents, you need to run a new custom strategy.

The issue is that the amount of data required to recommend gear across different talent and azerite combinations is huge. We run many millions of simulations to generate our adaptive strategies – something that would be time and cost prohibitive for the individual user.

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Ah, k. thx for the reply. From now on I think I will use AMR’s single target strategy in tandem with a feeding frenzy + crit optimization. :wink:

Yeah – the customization features are a great way to nudge the optimizer into different builds that you like, and it gives you a good idea of about how well we predict they will perform. We have plans to eventually beef up the customization options that are available as well.