Multiples Simulation - not FiFo type of list?

Hi !

First i’m sorry :’( my computer isn’t working for Glonet but for custom sims i’ve made for my own spec Mistweaver. I need a bit of result before next week so i know what to do with my monk and explain it to my guild.
So i’ve lunch multiples set of combination.
4281 combinaison. I replicate this 3 times for fight length going from 200 to 480 sec.
I did it with multiples sim of 4281 runs rather than one huge 25k so if i failed a part i can redo it easly.

The problem i have is it doesn’t want to finish the first i’ve started. After 50% ich done on one, he goes to the second sims till 50% etc… So now i have 6 sims “on going” when i was hopping for him to finish the first one.

I guess it’s normal ?

Here are some links and pictures:

It will generally go in the order that you queue simulations, but it is not a guarantee.

If you really want one simulation to finish before another, you will need to wait a bit before submitting another one. Once you submit the simulation, it could take a few seconds for one of your clients to grab it, and then it takes time for that client to process the simulation and queue the actually chunks of work.

If you e.g. have a second client running (or a single client with more than one worker), and you submit another simulation while the first is being processed, you could have two simulations queueing up chunks of works simultaneously.

Also, if there is any kind of error in a chunk (could be a transient error like a connection issue), it will be re-queued behind anything else in the queue.

Got you thanks ! The multiples disconnection probably didn’t help.

Well all should be done tomorrow (letting things overnight). Next gonna help for glonet !