MW and Brew Strategy v2 wonky?

I decided to run a new gear strat v2 for my Mistweaver because of Raid Healing boss script came out. Once it completed, it pretty much said Mastery and only Mastery. Did I mess up the setup or do something incorrect?

I also ran a gear strat v2 for my Brewmaster on Mythic+ script and it told me to have pretty much just haste. I also noticed in the setting drop down that the sim changed the Mythic plus level to 12 when I had it at 0. It also added two Affixes (Ragin and Fortified) when I had none selected. Is that part of the script?

That Raid Healing script wasn’t supposed to be there, accidentally got back on the site in an update. I need to remove that… the “starter” script is the only one that works right now.

The “starter” script is also not fully fleshed out with the new stuff, nor are the healing rotations – still very much a work in progress because we overhauled the healing simulations with a lot of new features.

for the tank stuff, if you do not select “manual tank options”, it will adjust M+ level and affixes and ilvl range automatically to values where the fight is actually threatening for your character. You will get a lot better NPS/toughness recommendations with such settings. Now if you don’t plan to ever do something that difficult, you could check the “manual” option and set the M+ level and affixes to what you want.

Also, the recommended stat goal display is changing soon. It is a bit misleading – it is only showing you one possible gear combination that would work well. There are many others that would work nearly as well. We plan to show this graphically in some way.

I post here so it’s the same topic almost:
I’ve just finish the gearing V2:
This is the old one :

So it’s works even with a spécial script and a shorter fight.
Param :
Fight length : 120s
Script : Full vivify

To resume:

Now let’s simulated this two setup.
So from the first gearing i’ve got 901 equip
From the other 903 equip
The two are mosly going on Haste (normal because of the short fight length)
V1: 28% Haste, 22% Critical Strike, 15% Versatility, 193% Mastery
V2 26% Haste, 23% Critical Strike, 14% Versatility, 202% Mastery


It’s 1% better but with the error target max, it’s 0,5% better. Well that doesn’t change anythings in that study ! Witch is a good point ! Two gearing goes in “one” solution, so we can things it’s accurate =D.
(With the standard deviation, it can’t be a downgrade -10% max or a upgrade +13% max in the wort case)

Next move is on a long fight like 500s with the gearing v2. And with that the tanking gearing.