MW Rising Mist rotation

Hi AskMrRobot team!
Is there any way to make BiB available for new haste based Rising Mist build for Mistweavers?
Looks like you cant have custom rotation as for right now and default rotation is just wrong for this build. For example if i have 4000+ haste im only going to hardcast Enveloping Mist and spam Blackout Kick/Rising Sun Kick on a boss.
Any plans to update rotations for this build?

For what i’ve tester rotation from AMR is good enough for the Rising Mist build using a Haste custom rules.
If you want you can tried to change the rotation to get better result and if you find something better @Swol will probably implement it.

I’ve spend hours trying to find something better and matching the top wow logs. But i couldn’t get it to be an improvement.

Things get weird near the end of an expansion. If you were to only use enveloping mist on a boss that required constant healing for 4 minutes or even 3 probably… you’d run out of mana really fast. The total amount of healing you can get out of your mana pool will never be maximized with that rotation. But, at this point, most fights only require a lot of healing in relatively short bursts, so you can do that to put out crazy healing when needed and end up higher on the meters. You don’t really need to maximize healing/mana at this point in a lot of groups.

This is exactly why we created the “customize” section - you can use that to push the optimizer towards a build you prefer. Setting up the default rotation to only play in one very specific way wouldn’t give good “general” advice for a lot of players. One thing we want to do more going forward is offer “curated” custom settings for niche builds like this that people can just pick without having to set it up themselves.


With 4000 haste on some fights (dog, hivemind) you only going to cast env mist 20 times and just spam rising sun kick to extend it. No mana issues at all.

Yeah, that’s certainly possible. I still think this is a case where you should use the “customize” section of the optimizer to get it to do what you want.

You really have to stack haste to an extreme level to make this work. Making the optimizer automatically do this via simulation results would require creating a rotation in the simulator that would check your stats explicitly and then flip to a different rotation. This would then also create a crazy discontinuity in the simulation data that would be very difficult to deal with.

Extreme builds/rotations like this generally require a very specific set of gear to even work. I can help you set up the optimizer to pick that set of gear if you need help, just let me know.