My computer says 'connection to this site is not private'

Hi! I just tried to log into AMR - same as I do most days. I got the warning message not to go to the website as ‘the connection is not private’. Any ideas why this is happening today? Thanks, Amareth

Looks like the SSL cert expired. They just need to renew it.

Are you getting the same xing?

Yeah, their SSL cert expired Fri, 31 Mar 2023 07:07:43 GMT

These forums are using a different cert from a different provider so they’re fine.

They should be able to solve it pretty quickly once someone is awake and notices.

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Ah. Thank you Xing for replying!

Sorry about that – we updated it just now.

Annoyingly, you may need to log in again whenever we update the SSL certificate. It’s a security configuration that I plan to look into changing before we have to renew it again next year.