My Death Knight can't run an import

I have a strange problem. I am able to paste the export string into AMR (classic) for all of my classic characters excepting my DK. When I paste his export string, I get an error message " There was an error reading the provided addon data." The addon is up to date.

My son also has an account and I tried logging in with his account (with his permission). He also has several classic characters but his main for the past 12 years has been a DK. Again, all of his characters work flawlessly except his DK.

Is there a bug specific to DKs? Are we doing something incorrectly? Not sure what data I can provide to help resolve this. Thank you!

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The TBC version of the site doesn’t support Death Knights.

We’ll have a WotLK version available right around the official launch on Tuesday, as well as an addon update.


Well that seems obvious lol. Sorry. Thank you for the quick reply.