My Gear is not loading properly

Hi - In the past several days I have been unable to upload my gear properly using the Ask Mr Robot Icon in the game.

The gear that shows on “Ask Mr. Robot” is not the gear my character is wearing.

If i go to World of Warcraft website and login my character gear shows correctly, however when i start the in-game Ask Mr. Robot the gear show is not the gear I am wearing.

In addition i believe Mr Robot is generating the Best in Bag incorrectly.

Is there some sort of bug? that you know of … or is there something I am doing that is incorrect.

I have done this thousands of times in the past …

No bugs that I know of…

Have you tried exporting your gear from the in-game addon and copy the text to the website, and then re-optimize with best in bags, and then export back to the game? Also, you might want to open your bank, artifact UI, crucible UI, and activate each spec and do the same, just to make sure your in-game addon data didn’t get out of sync somehow.

Yea the first option you mentioned is my normal method of performing Best in Bags…

I hit the Ask Mr Robot Icon in game then copy the Export info…

Go to Website and paste into Best in Bags.

Copy results and Import back in game.

Whats really weird is the results on Best in Bags website is not what is imported into the game

The optimum level is actually imported correctly

i may just reinstall Mr Robot