Mythic+ Gear not in lists

When i try Upgrade Finder, BiS, Simulator etc, I cannot change to a Mythic+ item greater than 340(350,355 warforged). Lots of items from Mythic 8,9,10 come in at 370+ and i want to compare them, but i cannot place them on my character at those higher ilvls.

Guardian Druid. Supposedly we need all the help we can get. I like the spec though :slight_smile:

Change the Mythic+ Level setting/filter to see the higher level gear.

Hope you arent a Developer. Lol

I have it set on Mythic 10 (the highest allowed).

The only area that will show a dungeon above iLvl 340 is the upgrade finder. And in that case it cannot be warforged or titanforged. So max at 370.

I commonly get items above 370 and would like to be able to see if something from a dungeon would be decent. And sim it. Before getting it.

I guess that I misunderstood your original post – as written I thought you were having difficulty seeing Mythic 2, 3, 4… 10 gear. It seems like what you would rather see is e.g. a titanforged version of an item, or a version of an item with a socket or random minor stat, etc.

In the list as seen in your screenshot, click the down arrow on the left side. That shows controls that let you pick any known variation of that item. Modify the item, press Apply, then click on the modified item in the list to equip it.

Figured it out thanks