Mythic+ Healer DPS Configuration

The goal of a healer in Mythic+ is to end every fight having done as much damage as possible without allowing anyone to die, but still having the ability to successfully heal through periods of high damage or boss mechanics.

I searched through previous threads and discovered AMR may be adding functionality by Shadowlands similar to Guardian (Druid) as a slider between Damage/Tanking for Damage/Healing. Is there any chance we could simply do a HIGHEST DPS POSSIBLE strategy and forego healing in the meantime? I’m finding myself completely unable to use AMR for simming the best Mythic+ strategies as a healer.

You can simulate damage to your heart’s content, as all the DPS abilities are implemented in the simulator. You’ll need to make a DPS-only rotation to use, which I can help you with if you need. The logic for healer DPS is extremely basic so it wouldn’t take long.

We don’t have a DPS strategy calculated for use in the optimizer, but you can use the simulator to determine roughly which stats/traits etc. are best and then use the customize features in the optimizer to push it towards what you prefer.

We are working on building the back end necessary to support DPS for healer specs in the optimizer.

I’d love the help! I’ve never built my own custom rotation before. I’m not looking to simulate damage numbers, I’m looking for best in bags with corruption recommendations.