Mythic+ healing sim seems too light on damage


I have no idea where you are on the Mythic+ script for healing but thought I would give my feedback anyway. I have been running some sims and analysis on whats coming out for healers and the damage seems really light in these simulations.

Example time
Discipline Healing… The Mythic+ rotation has a step at line 22: ‘if HealthPercent < 0.75’ on any ally cast Shadow mend.
Seems sensible, and right down at the bottom, is 31: Smite. The filler.

Now the simulation data. I even stuck the time up to 360 to try and stress it.
In these results smite was cast on average 119 times per fight.
And shadow mend 11 times per fight.

That implys that 91% of the time it got to the shadow mend step, all allys were above 75% health?

Now I agree, what I am about to say is subject to player skill and ilvl but running mythics today. On intensive fights, I was getting almost healing out of shadow mend as out of attonement.

Similar thing is also shown for holy priest, ‘Heal’ is massivly over used:

Just some thoughts really. I would expect these scripts to stress the healers a little more.


We are definitely still tuning the scripts (it was hard to get really good values from beta testing).

But in general, you can (and should) modify the amount of damage that the scripts are doing with the NPC Damage Multiplier setting, right under the boss script picker in settings. So if a script seems too light on damage, just up it a bit until it is challenging.

This coming week we will be heavily tuning the healing/tanking scripts based on in-game testing to try and hit a baseline that is about a standard mythic dungeon, so that the NPC Damage Multiplier corresponds pretty well to the actual Mythic+ levels.

Ah yes, I totally missed that field actually.

Thanks for that.