Navigating the Theory Wiki


i am trying to find how to get some things from Theory wiki to answer some questions and having trouble doing so.

for instance i would like to know if mr robot implements the hasted global cool down floor for very fast spells with lots of haste buff and if so where can I find this in theory wiki?? :slight_smile:

Certain things are built into the simulator and might not show up in the wiki – in those cases we try to document them or just answer questions when people ask them.

For the minimum GCD, in general it is 750ms. We also allow that to be overridden on a per-spec basis. You would find that on the spec definition, e.g.

That page will also define the general GCD for that class/spec as well (1.5s for most specs, 1.0s for others).

(I don’t know of a spec off the top of my head with a different minimum GCD… Swol might, if there is one.)

Also, particular spells can have an alternative minimum GCD (or cause a different length GCD in general). That would show up on the particular spell in the wiki and will override the above.

Shadow Priest was the only spec that allowed less than 750ms for the GCD during Voidform, but with the changes in Shadowlands that doesn’t exist anymore.

Like Yellow said, some of the base mechanics of the entire game are a part of the simulator engine itself. Most of these can be verified by running a simulation with the output set to “log” and you can see everything that is happening. It is possible then to verify the simulator is following the game’s mechanics correctly. Or, just ask - obviously we are people always ready and willing to geek out about the simulator.

great thank u that was exactly what i was after