Naxxramas shoulder enchants missing

I’ll elaborate further on my apparently not so simple question about the Naxxramas shoulder enchants in the Classic and WotLK sections of Ask Mr. Robot.

Brief summary: We never see Resilience of the Scourge or Fortitude of the Scourge in the Classic optimizer, nor do we see Might of the Scourge or Power of the Scourge in the WotLK optimizer. I think this should be changed.

It appears that out of the four shoulder enchants dropping from Sapphiron in WoW Classic (we’re talking game version 1.14.3 on Classic Era and Season of Mastery realms): Power of the Scourge, Might of the Scourge, Resilience of the Scourge, and Fortitude of the Scourge, only two show up in each optimizer, and strangely enough not the same ones!

To be specific, I have listed the shoulder enchants shown for each spec in each optimizer:

Spec Classic WotLK
Blood Death Knight Fortitude
Frost Death Knight Fortitude
Unholy Death Knight Fortitude
Balance Druid Power Resilience, Fortitude
Feral Druid Might Fortitude
Guardian Druid Might Fortitude
Restoration Druid Power Resilience, Fortitude
Beast Mastery Hunter Might Fortitude, Resilience
Marksmanship Hunter Might Fortitude, Resilience
Survival Hunter Might Resilience, Fortitude
Arcane Mage Power Resilience, Fortitude
Fire Mage Power Resilience, Fortitude
Frost Mage Power Resilience, Fortitude
Holy Paladin Power Resilience, Fortitude
Protection Paladin Might, Power Fortitude, Resilience
Retribution Paladin Might, Power Resilience, Fortitude
Discipline Priest Power Resilience, Fortitude
Holy Priest Power Resilience, Fortitude
Shadow Priest Power Resilience, Fortitude
Assassination Rogue Might Fortitude
Outlaw Rogue Might Fortitude
Subtlety Rogue Might Fortitude
Elemental Shaman Power Resilience, Fortitude
Enhancement Shaman Might, Power Resilience, Fortitude
Restoration Shaman Power Resilience, Fortitude
Affliction Warlock Power Resilience, Fortitude
Demonology Warlock Power Resilience, Fortitude
Destruction Warlock Power Resilience, Fortitude
Arms Warrior Might Fortitude
Fury Warrior Might Fortitude
Protection Warrior Might Fortitude

For a graphical illustration, I also post the shoulder enchants lists for a generic Protection Paladin in both optimizers:

Conclusion: We never see Resilience or Fortitude in the Classic optimizer, nor do we see Might or Power in the WotLK optimizer. I think this should be changed. For WotLK, the Naxxramas shoulder enchants are no longer available in the current game version 3.4.0, so one could argue about whether they should be ranked at all (some chars probably still have them though). However in the Classic optimizer, which most people probably use for the current game version 1.14.3 on Classic Era and Season of Mastery realms, all four enchants are still available and should be ranked where they make sense.

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Thanks for the post – I did read your other post but we are backlogged due to the holidays. I’ll take a look at it this week.

Yeah seems those 2 enchants just didn’t get parsed for some reason – available classic data is kind of messy so there’s a lot of manual filtering going on. We’ll update that and it should show up on the classic site and get filtered out of the wotlk site.

They are there now in Classic, thanks a lot! I wish you a great 2023.