Neck Essences on Best iin Slot

Can you explain me why on Best in Slot worse minor power ranks of essences are higher in ranking than high rank ones? For example Purification Protocol R1 is 1% better than the same essence with R3 ect?

It makes me embarrassed, when i try manually choose minor powers

If you could press the “help” link next to the big Best in Slot section header, then press Create Support Post, and copy the generated snapshot ID here, we can look at your case in more detail.



this causes terrible falsification of the simulator results.

for example diffrence between CoF and BotD on Single target:

BotD should be worse, but it is much better than CoF

Somehow you locked in a heart of azeroth with ilvl605 – we didn’t run data out to that item level on the neck, so things get weird. Unlock it and pick a neck at a more reasonable ilvl, and the results will look better.


When i unlocked it, then still there are some issues
Lucid 1 above Lucid 2
Fucused Iris 2 above Focused Iris 3

and many other essences

And not “Somehow”, but i can do that in your options all the time on every character by edit ilvl of the neck :smiley:

I’ll take a look – not sure what went on there. Might need to run some extra data points at higher item levels closer to the cap of what is possible to obtain.