Neck with no sockets

AMR asks me to use a neck which can’t get sockets.

Snapshot: 6d4050645b8448ca97efd0eca451a5ce

Are there any rules posted about which items can and cannot receive sockets? There’s nothing in the item data that I can find that indicates which items are eligible and which are not…

I submitted a ticket to Blizzard to see if it’s a bug with the item.

It might also be that it’s not possible to do on uncommon (green) necks? It’s uncommon on 1/8 and 2/8. (I do have 8/8, but Tiered Medallion Setting might check against base).

I’ll check, that could be it… I recall seeing a post from back at the beginning of dragonflight that uncommon quality necks can’t have sockets added.

edit: the base quality of that item is rare (blue)… it’s unusual that they reduce the quality of an item with bonus IDs for 1/8 and 2/8… but I guess that’s possible. It would be difficult to determine which items they do this for though, as the game data has no information about available variants, we have to do it all by hand… I’ll poke around some more.

EDIT: Oh wait, that answer didn’t help at all…