Need help, interface problem

Hey, I’ll explain as well as I can on English.
I installed the addon, and came to the ‘window’ so I can change the size, but I got it to small, so everything went up in the right corner of my screen and I can not pull down the window, or modify it, I have uninstalled and installed but still have the same problem. How do i reset the window to default? I have search but cant find no answer.
Thank you in advance.

Im feel so dumb now, It works, I uninstalled it and removed from the folder, and now it works!

Now I see that I can use /amr to reset! Sorry for the post.

No problem – yeah you can use:

/amr reset

To reset all of the settings to default.

I had the same problem. Resized to 0.5 but that was too small so changed it to 0.8 but the window went to the top of my screen and beyond so couldn’t move it or look at anything. Thanks so much. Such an easy fix :grinning: