Need more than 4 spec sets e.g. Multi & Single target

I main Moonkin, with Resto off-spec & sometimes guardian tank in M+. As such I sim for Single Target DPS, save that set with a new name Bal ST, then re-sim for Multi-Target DPS and save that set as my default (Balance) and a separate Bal MT gear set.

My issue is that the second sim then tries to re-use the Single Target helm & chest for my Resto set, which of course I don’t want to over-ride the traits on. I can manually work around this by locking the resto set to e.g. [Fairweather Tunic], but it would be nice if we could have 2 sim sets saved for DPS.

People also might want different save sets for raid/M+ for other specs.

You can already do that, see

I’ve been using 6 different sets on my Death Knight for example: 3 for tanking (M+, Raid, Max Def), 2 for Unholy (ST and AoE) and one for Frost. Works perfectly fine.

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