Negative sugestions using Best in Bags

Hey there! I’m trying to optmize my items using best in bags, but it’s suggesting changes that would decrease my DPS. Can someone take a look to check what I’m doing wrong?

Here’s the snapshot id: de7bdaca4d1843e6b0049837a11cd476

Two things I noticed:

  1. What happened to your iL454 Grove Darkener’s Treads…?
  2. Devastation is your lowest priority spec.; it needs to be at the top of that list if you play it most.
  1. Well, it’s equipped. I don’t understand why it tries to replace it
  2. Oh nice, I didn’t know about that. Just fixed, but the same thing applies. It’s still suggesting to replace the boots and lose 0.98% DPS

Realistically, <2% difference is ‘within margin of error’; change items that increase your AiL, but if the nett change is still <2% difference, then you’ll be fine.

So this is a bit of an edge case… the problem is that for performance reasons, we prune out items that are very unlikely to be optimal. In this case… non-mail gear for evokers. Your equipped feet are leather.

In most cases wearing all mail will score significantly better because otherwise you lose the 5% intellect bonus for having all mail equipped. Looks like in this case the disparity in value of the secondary stats is enough to make that not the case though.

We can consider allowing cases like this in the future… but as you keep playing chances are you’ll find another mail item for each slot that would make wearing leather not worth it, even if the mail item is just ok.

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Poop… I missed that part. :man_facepalming:

I got it now! Thanks for the explanation!