Neltharax bow not correct

Is it just me or does the Neltharax bow not calculate correctly at all. It’s telling me my 418 crafted bow is better than all of the Neltharax bows. RF, Norm, Heroic and Mythic.

Item level is only a base metric; if other factors (secondary stat’s/proc’s) on an item are more favourable, then iL has a tendency to be overpowered by them & esp. if they are compounded by other equipped items.

A Snapshot ID of the character in question would help more to evaluate this situation, too.

This could be your settings, but yeah you’ll need to post a snapshot. Using the generic MM Hunter template with all gear available this bow is BiS for both Raid and M+ defaults by a good bit.

Please post a snapshot, like ekstren mentioned. I recently took a look at that bow to make sure the calculation was working well. The update we put out tomorrow might tweak it a little, but it’s still on top for most of the situations I’ve seen.

Snapshot: 0c9cd01c420f4831b899aab58ad0a542

Thanks - I see the problem- we’ll post an update today sometime with a fix.

Working perfectly now, tyvm.