Nethershards in Upgrade Finder

Is AMR going to add the option in the upgrade finder for the gear you get from Nethershards? I couldn’t find it in the “Upgrade Finder” list. Thanks!


I would like that too. Why is it not already there?

Any answer on this? Would love to see this feature so I don’t have to guess.

I will add nether shard gear soon. Had to go out of town for the weekend, will be back tomorrow.

Is there an ETA for this feature?

We added them a couple upgrades ago. Under the “all items” search type, type “nethershards” into the text search box.

That doesn’t seem to work. If I enter “nethershards” I get nothing. If I enter “nether” I get things like “Netherbranded” and “Netherstone”.

What I’d really like is suggestions on how to best spend my 5000 nethershards for 880+ gear. Like the old “currency” option in previous versions of the upgrade finder.

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I, too, am not seeing it there - I get your same kind of results.

Are the Nethershard pieces tagged with their “Relinquished”, etc tags, maybe…?

Make sure that you have the “Broken Shore” checkbox checked in the filters section - that controls whether you see Nethershard items or not.

Much better, thanks!

But shouldn’t “Broken Shore” be checked as the default? It looks like we’re going to be stuck there for a while.

I have it turned off by default because it adds a lot of extra items to the list, which can slow down the optimizer a bit due to the fact that they have lots of random stat variations. Not a perfect solution (as we saw here, sometimes the checkbox to show them isn’t the easiest thing to find), but all in all I think it’s probably best for the overall site to keep it from slowing down.

Well, if there were other options like “currency” under search type, that would help to reduce the search time.

It shows some Nethershard upgrades for me, but doesn’t show all possible items. Relics are badly missing.

Can you link me to one of the relics that can be purchased with nethershards?

I don’t think there is a sensible way to add most of the gear (especially relics) available from Nethershards.

The basic (“Dauntless”) gear tokens available for 400 Nethershards just turn into generic gear. Obviously that’s pretty trivial to display, most of the time it’s just one piece of gear per slot with randomized stats.
The more powerful (“Relinquished”) tokens available for 5k Nethershards will turn into a random piece out of almost every single piece of gear available in Legion (Instance/Raid/ World Boss drops, PVP gear, World Quest rewards, etc.). That’s the point where it gets much more difficult because you’re ending up with hundreds of items per slot all available from the same source.

Take relics for example, as those are mentioned specifically above:
They are only available for 5k Nethershards, which means there are no relics exclusively available for Nethershards. If you wanted to show possible relics, you’d need to have the option to show gear from Nethershards override every other filter and just show every single relic available for that spec (excluding normal quest rewards) scaled up to 880+.
That means displaying 100 to 150 relics (about 50 per type) as available from Nethershards depending on the amount of different slots on an artifact…

So I’m not crazy!

Yeah I added the nethershard-specific gear last update, which is just gear with random variations. And yeah, my understanding is that the 5k tokens can turn into pretty much anything, so like asashdor said, you might as well just search for “relic,holy” in the text filter on the upgrade finder using the “All Items” search if you e.g. want to see all holy relics.

Part of the major frustration with Relinquished Relics is that for many specs, they are only turning in to a specific type (i.e. Blood, Iron). Would be useful to know which type works for which spec.