New Essences ! First feedback

Hi !

I dont have to introduce my self now, i’m the worst AMR user ever seen !

So Stay with me it’s my point of view about Essences and what AMR will have to do to enjoy better simulation !

Introduction :
I’m a mythic raider played monk since Draenor and now it’s time for a new one !
Shaman Restauration. I will have to play Shaman for next tier (Because officer want to even so i think monk will be better with all of those mana trinket).

Monk first
I didn’t do mutch with Monk’ essences :

Seems a nice first feed back i will add later about the shaman i was talking about.
I’m compiling result to see what’s up.

Hello it’s me Mario,
Wait that’s not my name.

Anyway !

i’ve been playing with simulation the whole day =D
What I’ve done :
Put every rank 1 in combinaison for Raid +5 +6 +7 +8 +9.
Put every rank 3 in combinaison for Raid +5 +6 +7 +8 +9.

It provide me with some interesting beginning point like :

  • What should i go for first
  • What would it be long term

And i’m pretty happy to see that Mana Essences are very powerfull for an shaman restoration also with the Ever-Rising Tide seems reeally good.


Memory of Lucid dream seems very sensitive of difficulty content, the more difficult it is more it’s usefull.
it’s better to have 3rank 1 before having 1rank 3 (i guess the AP limit will push the rank 3 before other rank 1 in minor) .
I hope the “bugs” i’ve found before wite the passif beeing active even without been in minor Essence is just an error from my part and wont change too mutch the ranking i’ve done.

So i like what i saw in term of result. Good luck for AMr’s team to polish every things.

And thanks to the Alliance for saving Bane.

Last things :
AMR dont play nicely with Edge (Yeah Internet Explorer 2.0).
I’m unable to select Essence it doesn’t add them to the number of setup.

I’ll look into that – I think Edge is the only major browser that doesn’t fire the “input” event for checkboxes… cool. I’ll use a different one.

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just to adding more infos here

I’m found somethings weird about the result.
If i select the 3rd Essencs (or second essence minor), does it add automatically the bonus from the neck level ?
Or does it add the passif without the neck stats ?

Why do i think that :
Look at the first line :

  • Ever-Rising & Artifice of Time & Memory of Lucid

i sould need somwhere close it this line (withing margin of error):

  • Ever-Rising & Memory of Lucid & Artifice of Time

or… AMr is very intelligente and to reduce nb of test he doesn’t do the reverse ?

Right now, essences should always be scaled to the item level of the equipped neck in batches, whichever slot you put them in.

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I’ll have all the essences done for every spec sometime today.

When you equip an essence in the major slot, you also get the minor power.

Vitality Conduit is an oddball. The health transfer is going to have a net zero effect on HPS, by design. The idea behind this essence, I think, is that it will help you keep people alive. I find that in the mythic+ simulations, where you don’t have any other healers to rely on, it can have a noticeably effect on how many allies you can keep alive. In raids… it’s basically a worthless effect.

Spirit Link Totem is the obvious comparison to make. That works because it redistributes a lot of health very fast such that you never have to use a single target patch heal to save someone while it is up. The effect from Vitality Conduit, imo, is way too small to function that way. If someone is going to die, you still have to break off and patch heal them. In mythic+ I think we see it being a lot more useful because it makes your single target heals essentially bigger, pulling the health from someone not in danger, which really helps you keep people alive.

I will split out the vision proc revival for you on the report :wink:

I had high hopes for The Well if Existence. To me, it seems like a really cool idea for an essence. When you simulate a hard fight, overhealing isn’t super high, so it’s hard to store up a ton of healing into the well. I really think this item needs to store more overhealing. In “real” raid situations, maybe there is more overhealing than in the simulations, which really push healers more. Especially monks I feel have pretty low overhealing numbers compared to, say, a resto druid. If you do a simulation with a resto druid, you’ll see it being much more effective. I could see it being more useful for mistweaver in mythic+ where maybe you are channeling soothing mist on people between pulls or something. One thing I didn’t check - and maybe you could check for me? is if it stores overhealing from the jade serpent statue. That could be a good source to fill this up.

In general, I love the idea of The Well of Existence, but I think it is much better on content that is easy to heal… which, you know, is kind of backwards. The active effect is only useful if you can manage to always keep people above 50% health. It depletes very quickly. If it were me, I’d make this store about 2x the overhealing or let the heal proc from the minor consume less of the stored healing but have a multiplier on the healing.

Yep i’ve learn that the hard way ! xD

Personnaly i think this one is very very powerfull or i hope it is. Otherwise, why put it in the raid as farming reward ?
If it’s a Spirit Link like item, it would make Shaman useless :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks <3

I have to say for a restoration Druid it seems very very interesting.

As soon as i got it i will test it, but I’m currently not farming for my monk infortunatly so…. I may not be able to test it soon-ish. I’m “farming” for “Memory of Lucid Dream”.
I agree with your idea but i hope i wouldn’t be cheesing some strat with overgear high Mythic raider stacking this Essence to conter some bosses.

Is their is another that would be interesting to test ?