New Feature: Extra Strategy Presets

We are beta testing a new feature that will allow us to quickly add more strategy presets based on popular builds. You will notice that the appearance of the strategy picker has changed a little bit to accommodate this change.

For testing, the only extra preset is a High Haste build for Protection Paladins that has been requested several times. These presets are available anywhere that you can optimize: Best in Bags, Best in Slot, etc.

Going forward, we will add more popular builds as options for more specs once we’re sure that the feature is solid and not causing any issues. These builds will generally be based on popularity – things that are pretty ubiquitous in the community for a spec – but that we have also verified to be high-performing strategies.

Going forward, when you see an alternative strategy for your spec, feel free to try it out! We’ll still default to our strategies that are based on the data generated by our simulations, statistics, and algorithms that we prefer, but don’t take that to mean that these alternate builds aren’t as good. Many times they can be better in very specific situations, which we’ll try to note.


Is there a need for a High Critical Strike build for Frost Mages, to reach that 33.34 rating where Shatter makes your chance to crit on Frozen targets 100%? I never see Mr. Robot’s gear choices encouraging me to stack Crit for this goal.

We’re going to do some searching around for popular builds and add a few.

I haven’t researched this particular one, but off the top of my head, this particular goal seems like one of those logic “traps” that some theorycrafters fall into. Nothing magical happens at 33.34% crit other than crit all of a sudden becomes a much worse stat (any crit above that is worthless against a frozen target). So it’s not really a “goal” as much as it is a “constraint”.

It’s tempting to think that hitting 100% crit against a frozen target gives you some guarantee of reliability, and that’s the real benefit. But that’s also an illusion… think about all of your other attacks against non-frozen targets that you are getting unlucky and not getting crits all the time, or all the random procs that aren’t happening for you at just the right time… you have no way to control those. A marginal increase in crit chance is still… a marginal increase in crit chance, regardless of this constraint where crit all of a sudden takes a nose dive in value.

Now if our default build tends to get much lower crit overall than some people suggest, we can certainly investigate that and provide an alternative build if necessary.