New guides ! Personnal point of view

Heyo !

Again, love the work you did with the new Class Guides.
Here is a summary of some point.
So first, i’m looking into class i play and know things so not every one of them.

So i’m looking into “Mistweaver monk”. A pretty simple class with mobility and ! A talents setup pretty mutch set in stone since the beginning of BFA.

About the talent guides :
1 - Add value to the bar
Here is what i got :

If i select the talent i like/feels the most interesting or powerfull i will select them one by one and see the impact of other talent on them.

For the first row for example; i’m not sure what to take their are pretty mutch the same value but not quite. I would love somethings to help about that.
Could be “+0.23%” like what you did with azerith trait for example.
And maybe push a bit this direction using the mouseover to change this value to “-0.23%” or somethings dynamically.
It enable people who just want the “best” to get it fastter.

2 - Animation not helping to understand what better and what’s not .
If i select a talent and deselect it right away, i see every bar go down. It feel like, if i select this talent, i shouldn’t take any other talent because it “decrease” the value of other. When i would prefer to see some goes up (because those two talent are good together).

3 - Link between talent helper and rotation helper
After this selection i would like the “rotation” to take this modification not only to show it on the left side (wich is really convenient while you read the document), but also to considere selected talent on the section on top of the rotation section.

4 - Section jump
While i’m changing section i didn’t even integreate it was another section, adding a line crossing the whole screen would help a bit to split part in this guide. Like the one splitting Best In Bag and Upgrade Finder.

5 - Missing condition
For the Elemental Shaman; shouldn’t have a condition saying “do not use both elemental at the same it ? :x”

6 - Optimized rotation versus simpler one
As a new reader of this guide and a non Elemental player till this point pretty mutch anythings what fine for me. Till this:

What their is “an optimized rotation” and a “simpler one” ? How do i swap between those two ?

Maybe add a switch like single target and multi target?

7 - more interesting tests
For the list of interesting point, i would love to add on each number you show or the simulation on wich you’ve done it or the “custom” rotation on which you’ve done it. “to verify the source”. Like be able to redo the sims myself or clic on the value and show me the simulation you’ve done.

And i’m done !
Hope it help a bit to have another point of view.
Great great work honestly ! =D

Ho ! One more things.
Could it be automated ? for the “More interesting tests”. Like if you do a snapshot on a version of the simulator. Then you update the simulator could you automatically re-run the “question” in the interesting tests to make sure this particular though is still present in the 8.2 for exemple ?

Thanks for the feedback!

As to your first point about having a value on the bars - I intentionally did not want to do that in the guides. The idea here is that the data is telling you it really doesn’t matter which tier 1 talent you choose - they are all “top tier”. Putting an absolute value on them is what we are used to seeing… and I think it discourages people making choices based on preference. If you want, you could reduce the tier 1 threshold so something really small, like 0.5% - and then you’ll see the combo that showed up “on top”.

I hear what you are saying about if you pick a talent build in the talent section - you kind of want that to apply to the rotation section. We thought about that… but it’s one of those UI problems where there isn’t a perfect solution. The talents for the rotation are the talents you have on your loaded character - we really want the guide to be specific to your character as much as possible. The talent section is a stand alone thing right now. I’ll see what I can do to help clarify it - some sort of visual divider might be a good idea, like you mentioned.

For the elemental rotation - if you choose the primal elementalist talent, you will see the condition to not use both elementals at the same time. If you don’t have that talent, you can use them both at the same time.

I’ll see if I can clarify the rotation analysis section some more. I made a basic rotation to run that test, but I don’t have a link to the rotation really. At one point, I was going to have a basic version of every rotation available as well as an optimized one. Elemental has a lot more opportunity for rotation tweaks than most specs. For most specs, the “basic” rotation and a more optimized one are almost the same, so I took that out for now. Maybe I’ll try putting it back in for the specs like this where it is appropriate.

As far as linking all the actual data from the rotation analysis tests - we aren’t going to do that. These are the results of the tests when they are run properly. Re-running the tests yourself would give the same results. I could probably set up a link to the rotations that were used for the tests, though. It just becomes a bit more time-consuming to maintain.

I understand the first point, wich is the goal for the whole guide section :p.
Maybe put in text (and in color) for the “tier 1” “tier 2” etc… juste beaucause i found the green / yellow / orange a bit difficult to read.

Okay got it ! I did think i could happen even without the “Primal” talent.

What about a flag raized for spec with optimized rotation ? And have the switch only show when it happen ? This way you only have to handle some of the optimized rotation ?
If the flag is not raized maybe add a texte “This spec doesn’t have mutch change between simple and optimized, by default it will be optimized one”.

Okay so no datalinked but for you i hope you can make a “saved” version of this question to not redo it
Coud you do an object like "
public Test
public string spec
public jsonFile rotation
public double result
public simulatorParameters
And store this object ? It will store the rotation and the result so if you want to update them you just have to “rerun” using the live version of the simulator ?
Idk is somethings like this is possible and i dont know how you handle data (probably not this way).
But it’s what i imagine :p.
(Another example : it’s like a macro, you clic “run” and it will rerun the simulation using the same parameters exept the version of the simulator) you would be able to automatically rerun all of the “test” and get a conclusion based on it. I may be out of my range of “feedback”.

Anyway that’s all for me ! =D