New "Help" Link Support Feature

Next to the big section titles of the optimizer features (“Best in Bags”, “Upgrade Finder”, etc.) there is a “help” link in green.

Short Version: you will get much faster support if you press the “help” link next to whatever feature you need help with, then click Create Support Post, then copy the generated 32-character snapshot ID into your post with a description of your issue. Nine times out of ten if you don’t do this, we’ll have to ask you for the snapshot anyway before we can help you.

Below are detailed descriptions of all the features of the help window.

Create Support Post

When you open the window, you will see a button that says Create Support Post. Press this button to get started. This will store a snapshot in our database of the exact state of your character, inventory, and all of your custom settings.

After pressing the button, you will see a 32-digit “snapshot” ID in the window, and some instructions about how to post it on this forum to get help. With this “snapshot” ID, anyone can load your character exactly as you are seeing it and help you out.

Help someone out

If you want to try and help someone who has posted a snapshot, all you need to do is copy their ID, press the Help link on the feature that they need help with, paste it into the box at the bottom of the help window, and press Load Snapshot.

This will overwrite all of your personal settings for that specific character with the settings that other user had. You should see exactly what they were seeing at the time they saved that snapshot, including all optimizer settings, customization options, locks, item exclusions, etc.

We hope that these features will allow us to give people faster and better support when they post issues on the forum. Give it a try, and feel free to suggest that people use this feature when you are trying to help them out!

Other Uses

The savvy user will notice that this feature can be useful in other ways also. For example, you could save a version of your optimizer settings and go back to it at any time without having to create another setup or re-enter all of the options again. Or if you have a friend who wants some help setting up an optimization, you can get their addon export string and set it up for them, create a snapshot, and give them the ID to load.

Once the customization features are out of beta, we plan to add a more intuitive way to share custom setups, but this is a simple “catch all” for the time being.

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Really neat upgrade !

When I’ve tried helping friends with this it doesn’t have access to the other gear they’ve got in their bags, as in if I click on an item to see what their alternatives are there is only one in the list.
Not sure if that’s intentional, a quirk or them not giving me the link after their most recent import, even though they say they have!

Yeah I noticed that today – I’ll fix it in the next update (tomorrow probably). It wasn’t copying the full inventory correctly when loading a snapshot.

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There is no such button on any page

Yes there is, on every page! Here are some pictures:

  1. Press the help link:


  1. Press Create Support Post:


Then follow the instructions on-screen after doing so.

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