New metric IAHTFDT

Sometimes i notice things like this: you guys recommend different stat priority over other leading websites for this information. This may be do to you actually having sims vs. other people. However, i think it’d be nice if your add on could support a social score / survey technique as well. For instance, after an encounter or instance you could opt into how it was playing your role and let it reflect on you / others in your sims or recommendations. I call it IAHFTDT for “I actually have to f***ing do this”. Sometimes, while a sim might show it’s possible to tank something at X iLvl or stat metric, maybe even more possible, healers healing you as that tank predominantly have a hard time. While you could go back and use the same metric against the actual healer and their POTENTIAL, if the majority of healers are having a hard time against it, regardless of what should be it’s actually a valuable metric to the reality of the game as opposed to the capabilities of the game. Just an optional way to view things though not factoring into the reality of all the comp sims. Essentially allowing your users to feed an additional AI about their experience doing it.

That is an interesting idea. I mean, in the end, this IS a video game and maybe sometimes feelings matter? A system like that has a lot of room for getting spammed with junk data, though - that would be the hardest thing to deal with.