New time Gear not appearing in Mr. Robot

I have read this post and still have a question.

My question is:
I just finished the quests with Chromie, which u end getting gear from the encounters and the Obsidian Worldbreaker Mount + Lil Nefarian pet.

1 Items I’ve obtained are not showing on Mr Robot as u can see… 420Sword

I can only post 1 picture, so its the weapon, the same with the 420 ring (Coral Band of the Revived) from the new runs.

My guess is that its not on the database, and has to be added?

Yes – I’m doing an update today that I think will pick up most of the new boosted character gear and the anniversary gear. I am doing it shortly – if something still isn’t loading after that, I’ll go digging for some new item data.

Just posted the update – let me know if any items still aren’t loading properly.

Is all the gear that you get from the anniversary stuff item level 420 “timewarped”? If so, I can change the default ilvl of all that gear in our lists. Also… anyone know if it can titanforge?

Yes, those 2 pieces are from the 15 years Anniversary, so I am guessing the same will happen to all the gear for other classes that will drop on IL420. Wowhead also is not showing them, only IL350 or lower versions. Still no idea if it can be Titanforged. but I will ask around.