New to AMR. Quick Question

So i was wondering if there is a quick and easy guide for using and getting the most out of AMR? What i mean is i do not have much time to sim all of my gear, but also want to be sure i am using all of my best gear. For example i ran best in bag last night on my hunter and it showed me a set that made no sense. So i selected the legendary combo for which i know synergies well and it told to to keep what i had equipped vs using any of the other 50ish pieces of gear i have in my bank. So that is awesome, but for someone who does not know, what would be the steps in making sure and/or verifying that what best in bags recommends is actually your best?

One easy way to test the results of best-in-bags is to do a quick single simulation of the results compared to your original gear.

After running Best in Bags, you will see a green “Simulate this Setup” button underneath the suggested gear. Press that, and it opens up a new window in our simulator. There are some options on the right you will want to ensure are set properly:

  1. If you are using the Single Target gearing strategy, set Boss/Script to Garothi
  2. Expand More Options and make sure Potion is set to Prolonged Power, Flask is Primary Stat, Food is Feast.
  3. Press the big Simulate! button.
  4. This opens a web page, and after a few seconds you will see the simulated DPS for that setup.

Now return to the gear optimizer, scroll to the top of the page, the “Gear Explorer”. That has your currently equipped gear. Press the big Simulate! button to the right of it. This opens up the simulator again, but with your current gear instead. It will have all your settings saved, so just press Simulate! on the simulator page.

Now you should have two simulation results that you can compare. Which is higher? In most cases, Best in Bags is higher, even if it seems like a non-obvious solution to you. If it’s not higher, let us know and we can take a look. The best thing to do would be to post the string of data you copy from our addon to the website, we can use that to duplicate your character’s setup.

Awesome, i will test that out thanks!