New User Gear Optimizer Question

Hi new user here. I am using the best in bag function and I am questioning one of the choices and i hope some one can help me understand. I have 3 gem sockets and the program is selecting versatility gems to fill them. As far as i understand it Retribution Paladins highest secondary stat is haste. Why is it using versatility and not filling them with 1 strength and 2 haste gems. Any insight would be appreciated.


The best way to get help in these cases is post the string of data that you copy from the in-game addon to the website. Then we can see your character and reproduce your case to give you an answer specific to your case.

Without specifics: most specs get maximum performance by having a balance of multiple stats rather than stacking one stat to the exclusion of all others. Our optimizer is designed to dynamically reach that balance for any character that you load into it. For ret paladins specifically, you generally want decently high crit and haste (but not a ton more or less of one or the other), and then versatility once you have a good amount of other stats. Different talent and gear combos can shift the tipping point, and the value of mastery can change up or down based on talents and gear as well.