Newbie Questions - How to take into account that you want to reach hit cap and state priority?

Hi there,
Previously I had been using Ask Mr Robot to find best in bags etc without really looking at the customisation options as I am a bit overwhelmed.
Im currently playing a Frost Mage and Looking at the guide here: WotLK Classic Frost Mage Stat Priority - WotLK Classic - Icy Veins ( Suggests that need to try to get to my hit cap (17%) and then priorities other stats.

Does AMR do this automatically? (I’m assuming not)
And if not, how do I customise it?
A literal step by step help would be great as I really don’t know what Im looking at when Im on the site :slight_smile:

The optimizer will generally get you enough spell hit automatically – it is a high value stat. There are also talents that can reduce the amount of hit required on gear, e.g. Precision. All of those are factored in automatically.

You can use the customization section to force the hit cap… but it is generally unnecessary. Being just slightly under the hit cap is not a big deal. If you really want to force it though, pick Spell Hit and set the threshold at 17. Do not be surprised if your score goes down when using forced thresholds.

Setting the threshold requires being aware of your talents. If you are e.g. an Arcane mage with Arcane Focus, you would want to set your cap to 14 probably… since your Arcane spells have 3% less chance to miss. Precision you can just leave it at 17, because Precision affects all spells and is thus already factored in to the threshold customization code.