Next Gen Pawn / AMR in-game upgrade checker

I would love to see this, and am wondering if it is im the works.

Can we get an addon that, for each piece of looted gear, sims it to see if it is an upgrade?

This would be so next-gen. Instead of using static weights and green arrows, and hoping we catch the right gear to sim and verify offline, we just loot, wait for AMR to verify, and get notice in-game.

If this worked for party (M+) and raid, that would be awesome.

Or just run BIB with each looted item, which might find new combos!

Would love to see this.


We do have addon updates on the to-do list, still in the design phase. Finishing up our new gear ranking stuff before ToS first.

There is a very limited ability for addons to communicate with anything outside the game, which makes some of this stuff a bit of a pain to do smoothly… the copy/paste import/export that we use for best-in-bags is the simplest and most hassle-free way we’ve come up with for communicating between the addon and website right now.

Out of curiosity, wonder if a similar approach would work for loot chat? I find myself wanting to run to the next boss while simultaneously spot checking a bunch of gear that just dropped.

And, while I know resources are limited, I also know TSM crushes it with their adfon using cloud plus client app plus addon.

Since you guys already have the comm framework down, I wonder how much work it would take to get the sim client to scan chat logs for looted gear, queue a sim(s) and update a file the adfon could monitor and alert the users when sims are complete and (no) updgrades found.

So the problem with that, is you can’t really control (as far as I know) when the chat log (or combat log) is written to disk. I think the game buffers it, and then flushes it once the buffer is full. I think that the combat log is saved on fight start or end now (can’t remember which).

Otherwise, these things are only updated when you log out of the game or reload your UI.

Since it’s not controllable, I don’t think it would work that well for any sort of “real time” feature… there could of course be some tricks that I don’t know about.

So I’m way out of my tech depth here, but can’t we infer from addons like PLH that monitoring loot and responding inline/live is indeed supported?

Another example; angry keystones I think, replaces generic text of linked keystones with text that indicates dungeon and level.

A simplified version could do similar; generate linkable URLs for items that when copy-pasted and clicked in a browser, trigger the AMR website to BIB with that item to see if we would equip it.

I dunno, gotta be something there…

And in case it is not coming through, thanks again for providing such an amazing tool, sharing your passion, etc.

Yeah – I might have misunderstood. You can certainly figure out what loot dropped, went into your bags, etc. And then yeah, could generate a string of data you could copy to the website like our current export and do something with it.

Isn’t this about exporting the calculated list of upgrades back into the addon that ingame notifies you about gear you should try to get and if it is reccomended to spend your bonus roll on this mob?