Niya's tools burrs Overrated


BiB suggest that i use “niya’s tools burrs” conduit in the Niya specialization.

However i have tried testing it on the target dummy and done some calculations and the extra potency conduit is better than taking Burrs. I think you are using a wrong procrate for burrs.
I am wondering if AMR did not implement the “niya’s tools burrs” nerf that happened as everyone stopped using Burrs after this?

Snapshot ID: 7345e8db955c4b4ebf25225f2caf832c

We’re using the proc rate that I see in the spell data extracted from the game client: 1.75 rppm. When did this nerf happen that you refer to?

The patching i refer to was in the beginning of february if i rmb correctly. But it seems like these were more of bugfixing that resulted in nerfs. Like the trap doing AoE dps e.g.

I just did some more testing, and when i use Burrs on a target dummy your simulations are very accurate and i get almost exact same results.

However where i have noticed the difference is in raid fights where a lot less hits are being generated somehow.
This migth be due to the boss moving around and avoiding the burrs? I need to do more investigation to find out.

Here is the results of my testing.

Target Dummy 2:00 min fight:
Burrs 23.7k (4.3%) 27 hits 194 dps
Shadow Embrace DPS: 154 dps

Target Dummy 2:00 min fight:
Burrs 26.5k (4.6%) 33 hits 214 dps
Shadow Embrace DPS: 156 dps

Shriekwing Run 3:45 min fight:
Burrs 12.3k (1.02%) 10 hits 54 dps
Shadow Embrace DPS: 187 dps

It’s certainly possible that you’ll get more/less out of an effect on a given fight due to movement or mechanics. The current estimate is an optimistic one, assuming a situation where you can make good use of it.

If you find that you are not able to get full benefit from an effect, you can use the Customize tab to reduce its value to match your personal experience.

If you just look at the first phase of Shriekwing it’s about two minutes long, I got eight hits as a Terror Turkey giving me 53.6dps.
We had a few alts in the run and watching the replay shows he moved a little so I might have missed one if I was unlucky.

@yellowfive do those proc rates only count against an even level target?
I ask as I’ve got no idea, I wouldn’t have thought so but a third of the sims hits makes me think something is up with them, almost like the old spell hit rate.
120 second target dummy sim
Log I looked at

Proc rates don’t change based on your target. I can poke around and see if for some reason it’s not actually using the proc rate in the spell data… but that proc rate is low enough that it makes in-game testing very difficult. It would take a very large data set to confirm it.