No AddOn Logging, Last Tier?

So I go into Ny with a bunch of friends because we are all working on all the changes that came with the prepatch. So I check the addon to make sure it’s set to log and find ONLY the raid that we won’t see for months in there? How about all the raids we might be doing or the next maybe 8 weeks? So I dip into my daily back up to get a version from several days before the pre patch dropped… only it does NOT cover Heroic versions of the last 3 raids of the tier. Huh? When did that happen? Suppose I can go back to the last day I logged a Heroic Ny fight… or just ditch the add-on and do it manually… which will not make me a happy camper. Then I see there is a “classic” version, so I d/l, install and run the game… NOOOO it isn’t for the just finished tier, you know, the one everyone is going to be doing for maybe the next 8 weeks. AND it tossed a LUA error at me.

And why are you doing this? It appears that logging hasn’t changed that much in the pre-patch because someone else DID send logs to WCL…

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The classic version of the addon only works for WoW Classic – it will give errors on the retail version of WoW.

We could probably add the BfA raids back to the auto-logging option list for the pre-patch. We were anticipating a short pre-patch where it wouldn’t matter much, but it will probably be quite a bit longer until the new raid is available with the delay Blizzard announced.

All I can say is please add them back in, post haste (can I assume this isn’t exactly a huge load of work for ya?).

Any clue why just the Heroic/Mythic ones were missing when I dug out my copy of the add-on from 3-4 days before pre-patch?

Yeah, I keep forgetting about the allure of Classic, when I saw that I thought it pertained to classic raid tiers, like the previous one!

Hmmm, pulled out an old version from right before I did my last Heroic Ny… v.86. No Heroic/Mythic for Ny, EP nore CoS, but yes for the earlier raids. Something in the prepatch dinged just those possible settings?

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Sometimes people get a display bug where all the checkboxes don’t show up. I’m not exactly sure what causes it… probably some kind of issue with versioning of the libraries that the addon uses, but not sure. I can never reproduce it.

Any way to see from some saved variable if it is set for heroic Ny?

Seems silly, but have you tried just dragging the addon window around when it’s showing blank areas? Happens to me sometimes and that 100% fixes it.

Yeah that will usually fix it – I haven’t quite tracked down what causes the checkboxes to not get redrawn properly sometimes… it started happening at the beginning of I believe the BfA beta several years back when Blizzard changed some of the internal code they use for deciding when to repaint the UI.

As far as I can tell there’s nothing I can do to control that other than play wack-a-mole and randomly change the order in which our code updates things, see if it avoids the issue.

Version 92 of the addon has auto-logging for BfA zones re-enabled.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU yellowfive, MUCH appreciated!

Edit: I didn’t scroll down far enough to see your reply. Thank you so much for your work adding them back in. Would it be possible to have some sort of notification when there is a new version of AMR available?

My guild is also still actively running Ny’alotha. We are all testing different builds and alts to see what might be viable in the next patch. I would think this data would be useful to AMR, as well. While it may not be the SL content, it would still provide a benchmark for the number crunchers there. We have no idea when SL will be released. It will most likely be December. Could you please add the BFA instances back into AMR?