No difference between Full offense and any Mythic+ difficulties

The tanking Mythic+ slider seems to be broken. There is 0 differences between full offense and any level of difficulty of mythic+ all the way up to level 21. It used to work where it would gear you towards toughness for the level set first and then when you got gear to meet the threshold it would start gearing towards offense. Now its just full offense or full defense…nothing in between.

If you could post a snapshot to look at your particular case: press “help” next to the big “Best in Bags” section header, then press “Create Support Post”, and copy the generated snapshot ID here.


Its set right now to Heroic/M12 but I can set it to M21 and it says the same thing as if i set full offense. only far right full toughness changes anything.

Looks like I may need to tweak the thresholds a bit to give it a smoother transition from one side of the slider to the other.

That said, you’re right at the bottom end of where the slider can function in 190 gear. You really need to be up closer to 210 gear to get a smoother range of options.

shouldnt it just tell me then that i dont meet the threshold for a mythic + 21 if im not geared enough? A little weird that the interface would say im perfectly geared for all levels of content when im not, and the solution for it to tell me that im not is to get more gear.

when you do individual sims at different levels you can check the toughness. what i find interesting is the huge difference of toughness values from mythic + script vs its equivalent raid script. example being heroic and m12. M12 puts me in the 85-89% toughness…heroic puts me at 30-35% range…for the same threshold on the slider. Im guessing if the m+ values were to match the raid ones it would tell me i wasnt geared enough for it which i know im not.

The scripts are kind of relative – you need to adjust the npc damage multiplier to get to a reasonable level of difficulty. Don’t worry too much if setting it to M12 in the simulator doesn’t quite match up to the actual damage values of M12 in-game. Just increase the slider until it seems about the same. Also, don’t forget to choose a couple M+ affixes to make it tougher, like fortified.

I’m also considering taking the labels off the toughness slider on the optimizer (like how we don’t have labels for the healing DPS-HPS slider). It’s meant to be a relative tool, not an absolute. The labels were meant to be more of a convenience than an actual suggestion for any particular level of content.

oh i wasnt saying the numbers dont match up in game…i was saying the numbers dont match up really between scripts. They used to though. But when i run it now, mythic+ is super easy compared to raiding when looking at toughness.

So I see you just changed it. Now it says M2 (one step away from full offense) is too difficult for 190 gear. Also noticed it is recommending 3% haste and Punish The Guilty with Resolute Defender which is definitely a step up from the Divine Shield one. Im curious as to why it recommends those though for 3% haste and mythic+. Reason being is the Resolute Defender is only good if you can get out a bunch of shields of the righteous, otherwise its not that useful, and that means needing more haste…or Punish The Guilty which is great but only for one target unless you have the double hammer talent and then its capped at 2 targets. All while removing the legendary that douse the extra shield of the righteous damage after avenger shield. Great pieces on their own, but combined with the build seem a bit off to me. Am I missing something?

I didn’t change anything with the rankings today.

Also, the raid and M+ scripts aren’t meant to line up with each other in any way – you will need to adjust them appropriately for the simulation that you want to run. Usually if you put the M+ script around M10-15 with two affixes, it will hit the same difficulty as the base raid script.

you sure? because roughly about an hour after this conversation i refreshed the page on AMR and the values all changed and now anything after full offense is now the same as full defense which is opposite of how it was before where anything below full toughness was set to full offense setup. Conduits changed, gear changed, and it now says anything M2 and above im not optimized for with nothing else changing on my end.

Rerunning sims now and just waiting on results. What i was trying to say was there was a huge difference between the two. one being in the low 30 percentile and the other being in the high 80 percentile. dont expect them to line up but didnt think it would say mythic plus on that difficulty would be doable at my gear level either. Seeing what it says now after the changes i noticed.