No enchant setting not working

For some reason, my shaman is ignoring the “Enchant Quality: None” setting. BIB keeps insisting on putting a 30 crit ring enchant in place. It’s actually doing this no matter what setting I have “Enchant Quality” set at.
I’ve cleared my cache and even tried a different browser so I don’t think it is on my end. It also does not happen on any other of my characters so it seems to only affect shaman.

Snapshot ID: d98893b1568347f4b0263a50908595eb

Is it possible that you already have a 30 crit enchant on that ring? Even if you set enchant quality to none, it won’t remove an existing enchant.

Nope. The upgrade ring is a brand new drop too. I just got it off the world boss.

I found the issue. I forgot to change my enh spec back to 1st priority (I’ve been messing with both specs) and it was taking the enchant setting from my ele spec as it was top priority and using the rings. Makes sense now I spotted it. But was really confusing me for a while.