No legendaries for me!


Hi! Okay, so I’m trying to figure out why AMR doesn’t like to see my legendaries when doing BiB. Like, at all. It picks up Legiondaries, but not my Magistrate’s Judgement ring.

Of course, the solution will be simple and I’ve tickied something I shouldn’t, or untickied something I shouldn’t, and I’ll feel like an idiot… but I usually feel like an idiot, so there’s nothing new there.

What version of the in-game addon do you have? Blizzard made a change with the release of 9.1 that required an addon update to import legendary items. If you get the latest version (v106 as of this post) it should resolve the issue.

And that’s solved it. I use wowup to keep my addons updated, and it didn’t pick up that I had the AMR addon installed at all, never mind that it was out of date.

Thanks, that was easy!